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LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. Launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs. As of 2015, most of the company's revenue came from selling access to information about its members to recruiters and sales professionals. Since December 2016 it has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft. As of May 2020, LinkedIn had 706 million registered members in 150 countries.

Infamously, LinkedIn is also known for its lax security regarding user information, "In July 2018, Credit Wise reported "dark web" email and password exposures from LinkedIn. Shortly thereafter, users began receiving extortion emails, using that information as "evidence" that users' contacts had been hacked, and threatening to expose pornographic videos featuring the users." Not cool.

Not only that, it's also a spam farm; "LinkedIn sends "invite emails" to Outlook contacts from its members' email accounts, without obtaining their consent. The "invitations" give the impression that the e-mail holder themself has sent the invitation. If there is no response, the answer will be repeated several times."


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Former Employee - Business Development Representative says

"HR is horrible with any issues Management is terrible"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Dishonest management, they claim to train with in but don’t."

Former Employee - Relationship Manager says

"A lot of imbeciles in middle management who play politics to survive within the company."

Current Employee - Data says

"WLB DOES NOT exist as many people have mentioned here. Maybe it's org specific but in my org people work 12 hours a day. The managers are among the most incompetent ones I've seen in the industry. Because of how the promo process is structured, many people can tick the boxes and become a manager. The managers aren't helpful to their direct reports and constantly expect ICs to do everything by themselves with no support. This results in toxic team culture where teammates don't act as a team but are individuals competing against each other."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Racism, bias all not good"

Current Employee - Regional Sales Manager says

"For sales: really bad senior leadership across most of the organizations due to hyper growth and inexperienced leaders getting promoted too quickly. On the surface the culture seems great. But the longer you stay, the more you realize that most people are stressed and unhappy and it takes you a while to realize that you’re extremely stressed and unhappy too. Frequent and pervasive comp mistakes."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- management cares more about social activities than projects and employees. it seems important to make sure the team looks united from the surface (to their upper management) - upper management spent way too much time on “relationship maters”, encouraging employees to do the same. People who actually work hard will not be rewarded if they do not socialize often, and involve in these events. - manager’s technical knowledge is ridiculously limited. - employees suck up to managers because of how much power they have."

Former Employee - Senior Business says

"Many of them: 1. Many Employees not happy very fee dare to speak against the managers or leaders 2. HR knows, even HR employees are under pressure to take any action against managers. We know HR works for CEO OR CFO, they need to go by them. 3. Employees are very much frustrated especially those working at lower levels, managers, like promotion, changing team. Leaders speak big stuff to the media, have them implemented. Many of us quit. 4.If you know manager personally might get promoted."

Former Employee - LCS Consumer Support says

"Get in good with the Clicks, if you are not friends with the people around you they will turn on you. False accusations, false HR reports and management will not listen to what you have to say so good luck."

Former Employee - Staff Software Engineer says

"low caliber managers in all levels. (Except the very top level) Managers have more authority and power that is being misused. Engineers are forced to pay attention to pleasing managers instead of focusing on technology and new products. HR is always one sided with managers. Performance reviews are not questionable and are not really based on one's performance. you need to be in the close circle of management in order to get recognized."

Senior Associate (Former Employee) says

"People do useless work as the product is useless. Very evil management. They only promote people from their race/country. Very hard to survive politics.NoneEverything"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company has a lot to learn from other cultures, unfortunately, for an international professional social media company, they hire only in 2 directions, there's no real diversity. People compete with a culture of fear due to a very poor management. Guys, stop hiding behind your 4/5 meetings per day and go talk to your teams, coach and monitor them!Few employeesDiversity"


"The company is a great one, management could use better training. Hope the company puts more training into their mangers, they make employees quit and i dont blamefree lunchcompetive"

Sr. Software Engineer, Datawarehouse Solutions (Current Employee) says

"My worst week was ~90 hours. I continually put in 60-80 hours weeks and had coworkers arriving late and leaving early. Would not recommend. The food is good but the culture is boring, like eating cardboard."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Too many competing priorities. Management does not enforce any discipline. Need to develop some top - down prioritization and create standards for the work that is done across the teams."


"LinkedIn has the potential to continue living up to their mission, leading with compassion, but the continuously high quarterly quotas and lack of good upper management, make it a place where you are not confident from one day to the next where you stand. The unattainable expectation to be perfect every quarter or you will be replaced, creates a tense work life balance because you live in fear that you will be put on a plan or fired from one day to the next. It's a shame because they hire such talented people that are ultimately leaving.Super talented people, a lot of team comraderie, great perks and health benefitsNot a lot of good leadership, unattainable goals"

Data Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The company was filled with ex-contractors from Apple and they treat as if you are an unwelcome entity. My manager was Asian guy who has zero respect for senior consultants like me. Your suggestions and ideas do not matter as you should do what an FTE employee tells you, even if your suggestions/ideas were to improve the quality of the product. Day in and out you were treated with disrespect. I worked in other companies like Facebook, HP etc and I was treated with respect. My manager was micro-managing me and criticizing is the only thing he excels in doing. Zero appreciation from any quarters. Good that it ended soon and I am back to where I loved to workFree lunches and close to my homePeers who are 95% Asians"

Wire Technician (Former Employee) says

"You will work odd ever changing hours. 12hr 5 day shifts to less then 40hrs a week. This will be sudden and expected.................................."

Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Working here as sales manager. Role involves, - finding prospects in the market - fixing meetings with the decision makers and influencer - meeting customers and understanding their business objectives and challenges - Proposing LinkedIn Solutions - Closing deals Learned concept sales, collaboration with team and cross functional partners globally and owning your own business.lunch, health and wellness, flexible timingspoor comp, poor work culture, management not employee friendly"

Sales support (Former Employee) says

"Really tough to move up, almost impossible to get a pay rise, really average management and a clear lack of direction. Most enjoyable part of the job: They hire really wonderful hard working people who will work themselves to the bone to get things done and you will achieve big things. These people are amazing to work with, inspiring and some friends for life. Hardest part of the job: you will work yourself to the bone with limited financial acknowledgement and need to leave to move up."

Test Engineering Manager (Current Employee) says

"Co-workers are nice, opportunities to learn new skills. Testing org overall is most hardworking set of folks in the org always meeting the demands of the business"

Sr. Data Scientist (Current Employee) says

"People used to work very hard to get things done, and collaboration was smooth. Starting from a bunch of re-org's, there are lots of politics around. Admittedly, some teams are awesome, and driven to get things done in the right way. However, some teams are just playing favoritism, and people got promotion for stealing other members' credits.Free lunch, good perks, and benefitsPolitics, toxic working environment"

Support Specialist at LinkedIn (Current Employee) says

"Culture wise Linkedin keeps its people engaged. It has a lot of activities for people engagement. However being in the recruitment industry, the learning is a little less."

Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Big opportunity to develop leaders and managers especially at the senior director level. Practices are often inequitable with promotions and treatment. Decisions are based on who you know and how much you are liked. Not what you accomplished.unlimited time off and flexible work scheduleNot a performance driven culture"

Billing support analyst (Former Employee) says

"Everything is fun and games until the company culture is in question. Food everyday, most are friendly however billing dept is very questionable. Not what a person would expect of this company. I was harassed badly on a daily basis. Everything from having my belongings gone through, my business and personal email watched, my car keys were copied. It was reported and nothing was done about it. They like to make fun of peoples situation (health, whether you own a home or not etc). Basically if youre not on their clique, you will be pushed out of the door.Free foodBad company culture"

SOC Operator (Current Employee) says

"the left hand definitely does not know what the right hand is doing I like the work that I do but the company is merging and it is chaotic at this point."

Customer Solutions Manager (Former Employee) says

"LinkedIn was a very tough place to work for me. I really disliked my time at the end due to the change in leadership. During my first year and a half of working there, I believe I was set up for a position of success. However, with new management, I was unfortunately under a political campaign to fail. Free food, good benefitstoxic workplace environment"

Accountant (Current Employee) says

"Joined LinkedIn when it was still in start-up environment and had half the headcount it has now. Things were dynamic, fast paced and ever-increasing volume of work to be handled. Due to hyper-expansion, most of the time back end support teams are playing the catch-up game with the front line sales and operations. Benefits are good and work hours flexible. We all worked hard and all had the same goal of getting things done fast and accurate. Come recent year, the pace of start-up environment has slowed down and we are acquired by Microsoft, comes in a second level of requirements we have to fulfill, processes and policies updated and aligned.yes, free meals and good view from working deskworking silos, differences in mgt decision making and unclear directions"

Site Lead Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Management sucks. Good food and place to work and perks! Parking is a nightmare at some buildings. Its easy to get around if you bike or walk, and sometimes even faster."

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Though its known for great work/life balance and you get great benefits,great food and interact with friendly, smart co-workers, the work/life balance part does not really hold true if you have a bad manager. There is a side to this company that really needs to improve - it has really inexperienced middle level management and almost no accountability for the manager - they can pretty much do what they want and no one holds them accountable. Unfortunately, your life can be difficult at LinkedIn if you have a bad supervisor. Upper management is great though. Investigate prospective manager and team thoroughly before accepting an offer.Free lunches, lots of social activities on campus, Hack days, freebies, great leadership teamNot much work/life balance, ineffective communication within teams and supervisors, some groups operate in silos, unrealistic expectations and timelines"

US Citizen says

"they are a racist group of individuals that lean towards liberals and do not exercise the same attitude towards everyone."

JD says

"If there's one thing about LinkedIn that annoys me the most, it's their changes to the platform with no consideration (let alone consultation) whatsoever of the preferences of the users. Two recent developments that really grind my gears, are: 1. the new browser UI, in which the little message pop-up windows have the same colour as the posts on the website, with no border, hence not making the difference between a post and the messaging pane clear and 2. the fact that since today, when messaging a first-degree connection from the connection's profile, instead of opening the pop-up window at the bottom (which allowed you to message someone while looking at their profile at the same time), now it switches to an entirely different window, namely the "Message center". LinkedIn can afford to deliver such poor service because they have monopoly in the market, and it looks like that's not going to change anytime soon. In the meantime, we're at the mercy of a corporation full of money and people who only care about money."

C Jones says

"EMPLOYERS BEWARE. DO NOT PAY THE 'INDEED' RECRUITMENT SITE ANY MONEY. IT CAN'T BE TRUSTED. For the third time in a year we have posted perfectly genuine positions on this site and every time our account has been suspended and then permanently suspended when we appealed their decision. The only reason given was that one or more ads did not comply with their T&Cs. I know that the ads did comply. I made sure. I asked them to explain what was wrong but got an automated link to their T&Cs again. We are a real company planning to recruit hundreds of people over the next 12 months across Wales and in London at all levels. Just as well we tried their free option first. Could have paid them a lot of money and lost it. Employers, don't risk your money! In a previous call with one of their account managers, I was advised that the site is a major victim of fraudulent job ads 'phishing' for contact information. Further research confirms this. It appears they are losing the battle and simply blocking accounts for no other genuine or explainable reason. This country (UK) needs a better option for employers."

Andrea Bassi says

"I started a profile with this company to find new employees for our company. They send me an offer to promote our job-offer and I was not able to pay neither with Paypal nor with my credit card, which it never happened before in my life. On top the company blocked my access. A lot of time wasted with linkedin, if you are looking for new employees I suggest to use other channels."

Peter Pinto says

"The customer service support is less then awful. I have waited over 6 weeks to communicate with someone and they do not even get on the phone. They are discriminatory and have negatively impacted my business at multiple levels. They treat their customers like robots. It is disgusting they get away with this."

Anthony Caputi says

"Very poor customer service and support."

Sara W says

"Terrible!!!!!!! Do not purchase their products They are not clear about how long their promotions are for and do not even provide you with clear invoicing ... you will get a brief message on your screen which sounds too good to be true to tempt you to continue buying their subscription"

Damian Clements says

"Feedback is in relation to paid services only.... Hi - I have found it very difficult to get in touch with anyone. 1. I accepted the offer for a trial of LinkedIn Premium, making sure I cancelled it well in advance of the end of the trial period. 2. It then appeared that I only had regular usage (not Premium) from then on. 3. I have just realised I have been billed for the past four months at £25 / month, despite cancelling. 4. I have tried to cancel again, but can get no reassurance that I will not be billed again, as you provide so little information on accounts / points of contact. 5. I would like a refund, as I was not using your services, and believe I cancelled the service within the correct trial period (whether this was mistaken by your system or not). You can see from my usage that I have not used any premium products. 6. I would then like my payment information to be erased, so that I can be sure I will not be charged again. Many thanks."

Betty says

"If I could choose a 0 star option that would have been selected. No contact with customer services. No service, no interest from me."

Mark Taylor says

"Unbelievably Poor. I have held an account in my company's name for well over a decade. Three months ago I purchased Recruitment Credits from LinkedIn and attempted to post a vacancy. The cancelled my post and blocked my account saying it violated one of their naming policies. This is despite the fact the account has had the name for over a DECADE and had plenty of followers. The Account remains blocked and is now UNUSABLE. I complained and was shrugged off, so I asked for my money back, and was told I would be refunded. That was THREE MONTHS AGO, and they are still giving me the runaround. This is the kind of 'customer service' one would expect from a Nigerian Scammer! Total rip off, outrageous behavior, and I would recommend not using these con-artists for recruitment or any other purpose whatsoever. They have forgotten that their success was gifted to them by us, the users, and have become arrogant, arbitrary, and disconnected. Their 'customer service' agents are passive-aggressive and vindictive. I was an early adopter of LinkedIn, but they have made my 10 years plus account unusable and useless overnight."

My Name Is Daniel says

"Hi, I would like to say that am unhappy because if I want to contact someone who's not connected to me as a friend then I get this: "messaging Rhea and other people not in your network will require a premium subscription". The premium subscription costs £50 every month. In that case every month I have to pay £50 for just a one person that I won't often be chatting her. This is very unfortunate. I saw your response on Google Playstore but you haven't done anything about it. Make it free available to others to message to others who aren't connected then if they refuse to respond then they can have the options to disconnect so their messages won't be received. Even if I had £3000 or £5000 I would not pay for the premium to chat only one person. That is it."

Marcos says

"Worst experience. No Privacy"

joey boy says

"China app. Don't use them. Screw you LinkedIn!!!!@@"

Colson MacLean says

"Their "customer service" site is in name only. I am experiencing an issue where I am trying to Hibernate my account and every time I try to access the setting there is an error message stating I cannot open the setting page and this error does not go away. Even on the error page there is no way to contact technical support. It actually says in the article for contacting customer service to go to the topic of your actual issue and click Next to actually contact technical support, I Ctrl+F the account hibernation help page and there is no Next so I literally cannot figure out why this error is occurring or have a technical support agent put my account in hibernation for me. There is a sales phone number I could find but it's voicemail only, despite this being a massive company. Useless!"

Chris Ortega says

"Terrible customer service. They treat the company like its a product and not a service with multiple customer touch points. I had an issue involving a bogus duplicate profile and everyone I connected with at LinkedIn had no idea how to take the duplicate profile down. In fact. both customer service reps were wither rude or they went dark on me."

Unknown says

"Good app except for monitoring inappropriate content, I would say 9 out of 10 posts I report come back immediately as "does not go against policy" including posts i reported that are clearly pro violence, right wing nuts and some even poked fun at linkedin themselves for blocking them. I think the reporting system is automated and not looked at by a real person."

Anna Lorenz says

"So far I was very found of Linkedin. But then I got a free trial offer of Linkedin Premium. I thought - why not to try and subscribed to that. Realising that I didn't really use the premium service during this month as I didn't find anything of that useful I cancelled the subscription on the last day of free trial, And surprise - I still got charged for Premium! It is a lot of mony per month for something you don't use. Tried to go to helpcenter and request a refund only to find out that no refund possible for Premium. Now I don't trust their cervice any longer. I will request to review my account, and Chargeback through Paypal. and what ever needed. If still not possible to get the money refunded, I will have to delete my whole account just to ensure that no furhter payments will be charged. Since I saw that it CAN happen even if you are sure to have stopped the subscription. How sad! Wished I never tried this stupid Premium service."

Passionate Traveler says

"LinkedIn used to be a great platform 5-10 years ago but I don't like the direction it's moving in right now. Premium service is expensive, lots of ads etc. I hope company will improve the way they listen for customer's feedback."

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